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A boy and her blog's Journal

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25th March 2009

1:02am: Tweets

  • 23:30 Grateful for friends who put up with my quirky humanity. #

23rd March 2009

1:01am: Tweets
  • 13:13 Feeling full of possibility and welcoming the spring sunshine. #
  • 17:35 Amused @ young activists near me @ cafe, feel condescending in a way I'm not proud of. Need to make friends with my former self I think :-) #
  • 17:39 OK, I am officially sucked into twitter. Testing updating from phone. #

21st March 2009

1:01am: Tweets

  • 23:06 Going over to the Dark Side ... Twitter should now be updating my fb status. Which I guess if it works means that I start tweeting... #

29th January 2009

10:05am: Baaa: Political views
I am a left social libertarian, non-interventionist, cultural liberal.
Um, yeah, we knew that.

You'll be shocked, shocked I tell you, yes sireeCollapse )

17th January 2009

1:09am: Help! Geeks to the rescue?
I lost a file I *really* don't want to recreate.

I am running Word 2003 under Vista. Yes, there are my first two problems right there.

Word crashed and DIDN'T give me a doc I was working on in autorecover. Or rather it did, but it was yesterday's version from when I created the file, not the fished version.

I was able to locate the .tmp file that I'm pretty sure from the timestamp and size MUST have at least some of the data in it, but I can't usefully open it.

Google has given me links to some very scary looking software that claims to fix this sort of thing but it all triggers my bullshit or trojan or spyware or rip-off alerts. Anyone know of any reputable way to do this?

Any ideas?

29th November 2008

8:13pm: Baaa: Rainbow
Your rainbow is strongly shaded pink and yellow.


What is says about you: You are a joyful person. You appreciate everyone around you. You're good at getting people to like you. You are a good listener and your friends are glad to have you around in difficult times.

Find the colors of your rainbow at spacefem.com.

10th November 2008

11:40pm: Keith Olbermann on Prop 8, Marriage and Love
Shout to to sarahf for the link.

4th November 2008

9:00am: VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!
If you are an eligible US citizen, and you haven't already, go VOTE!


22nd October 2008

11:11am: Air time (this modern world)
I am thinking that only in 21st century South Africa would this sentence make much sense:

"Oh, I've got some extra air time you can have; I'll bring it to you now now."

I am perhaps too amused by the reminder that something known as "air time" can be carried around, brought places, and given to other people.

12th October 2008

5:26pm: accidental spam poetry
ma'am, song say,
rings waves means cow.
stood spot;
toad leap cooks.

3rd October 2008

11:05pm: The Obama Llama Song (over and over and over and over and over)
Because it's stuck in my head now, and I must inflict it on you.

"We're tired of our president // Everyone hates him // he put us in sour fruit // and Cheney shot his friend // but now that guy is leaving town and life will have less suck // time for him to retire now and become a duck" :-)

17th September 2008

12:17am: Priceless Moment of the Evening
Scene: a group of youth, late teens or early 20s, a couple small kids, and a tiny, worn, wiry, feisty-looking woman (TWWFLW) of about 50 or so all hanging out in a driveway. Yours truly approaches, introduces myself and explains that I'm doing voter registration. Young woman sitting on top of a car working on a laptop perks up. She's 19, has never voted, but wants to register. Plus it will get her 30 points at school! Yay! I call over the car to a large young man lurking in the background.

Me: Do you want to register too?

Him: Aw, my vote don't count.

TWWFLW rounds on him (sharp tone): What?!? Who told you that LIE, boy?

Him (quieter): That's what they said at school...

TWWFLW (emits intensely derisive noise): You git your sorry ass over here and fill out that form. You're voting!

Him (sheepishly takes voter registration form and fills it out)

Me (tries not to laugh)

We aren't allowed to communicate any partisan affiliation while doing voter registration, but I suspect that if TWWFLW has anything to say about it, we'll score two first time voters for Obama :-)

15th September 2008

1:19am: "Undecided?" I don't think that word means...
what you think it means.

I tried signing up with my.barrackobama.com's Neighbor to Neighbor tool earlier tonight and found it just a bit unsatisfying.

What it's supposed to do is give you a list of "undecided" voters it your area to phone or talk to in person. The idea being the you update the campaign's database, help them refine their message based on what people care about, and hopefully talk a couple people into voting Obama.

It refused to give me a phone list ""no voters available"), so I asked for a walk list of undecided voters. It gave me myself (um, yes, a supporter), my housemate (yeah, him too) and a bunch of other people from my street.

Seems reasonable, but as most of my readership knows, my "street" isn't a street. It's a co-housing community. Which means we mostly know each other, and that's good. But it also means we're 90+% die hard lefty activists who are not only mostly pretty solid Obama voters but (for many of the people on my list) already busy volunteering, donating, registering voters, and supporting a bunch of other causes.

My list is thus probably the LEAST "undecided" geographically-based group of people in my city. I'm not sure it's worth my time to go knock on doors of people whose political views, voting commitment, and activist history I know perfectly damn well. Maybe I should just call the local office and explain about my "street"?

At least I could update the database and tell the campaign about who had moved. That has to be a little bit useful.

6th September 2008

10:36am: Daily Show Gold
For the two of you who have not yet seen the best Daily Show clip ever, I present "Sarah Palin Gender Card" in which we see Karl Rove bitterly divided against ... Karl Rove.

And while I'm generally not a fan of Samantha Bee, she totally nails it in "Bristol Palin's Choice."

1st September 2008

12:02am: My 10 minute internets breaks sometimes serve up real delights, like
"John McCain's Wandering Eyes"
(Although, honestly, I'm not sure whether the wandering eyes or the fidgeting with his wedding ring are the better part.)

31st August 2008

9:25pm: Yum
Roasted Okra

That is all.

28th August 2008

12:34am: My take on DNC Day 3
Bill -- Top form. So much for the "not ready" meme.
Kerry -- Reporting for duty! Where was that soaring oratory 4 years ago when we needed it?
Biden -- Distinctly ... meh. This is our supposed campaign attack dog? Ain't got hardly no fight in 'im. Come on Joe, bring it on. We know you can, and now is the moment. Really. Go.

Oh, and Hillary moving to nominate Barrack by acclaim? Class act. After that plus the home run speech yesterday, she's forgiven. By me anyway. Let's find a good place for that woman's considerable talent.

22nd August 2008

10:07am: Bad math
I need to go see a colleague downtown this afternoon.

Reported cost of parking near her building: $4
Definite cost of taking Marta train: $3.50. And it will doubtless take at least twice as long because the trains aren't very frequent. Oh, and I still have to drive to the station.

Does $.50 and the value of my extra time add up to the cost of carbon emissions for an extra 15 minutes or so of driving?

This city needs real public transport.

20th August 2008

1:33am: Just text "VP" to 62262
That's O-B-A-M-A for you kids with US cellphones.

And there's probably only a few hours left to sign up to receive the weeks most anticipated news right in your very own pocket.

I'm sure all of you who actually WANT to do this have already done it days ago. But I sigh again in admiration at Obama's 21st century campaign. Way to collect several million cellphone numbers from consenting voters, and you know they'll use them to recruit volunteers and GOTV come election day.

It's brilliantly innovative.

But I am biased.
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